Stark County Means Business

Stark County has significant advantages for growing businesses, but there’s something that makes us different from other business centers around the nation. It’s our rich manufacturing heritage, going back more than 100 years. Our manufacturing background is our niche, and even though a lot of things have changed over the years, manufacturing is still what we do best.

The number and variety of national and international companies with facilities located in Stark County is testimony to the strength of the area’s business environment. We are global headquarters for Timken and Diebold, two of the most progressive companies in the world. This is a great source of strength and pride for our area, but we have no intention of resting on our laurels. Today we embrace the future as we eagerly move forward into the new economy, advancing such knowledge-based, technology-driven industries as fuel cells, wind energy and paper science.

We have it all—and more

Due to its strategic location in northeast Ohio, Stark County provides businesses easy access to customers and supply chain, with everything you need within 25 miles. Growing companies like operating in Stark County because of the availability of a skilled workforce, transportation hub, low-cost utility infrastructure, and five local universities that collaborate with businesses to help them innovate and adapt, training and preparing employees for jobs in emerging technologies.

On top of all that, Stark County has a growing reputation for its strong partnerships with the economic development community, education and private industry. These partnerships have a proven track record of advocating for tax breaks, state and federal support funding, and other financial resources to help business succeed and grow here.

Why you’ll love Stark County

Stark County is also a great place to work and live. Its excellent K-12 education system, low cost of living, abundant housing options, world class healthcare, and thriving sports and arts venues continue to attract people and business. People move here from all over the world, and they love it.

Learn more about what Stark County means for your company, and share our vision for the future by navigating through our Website. Please return often to review the latest facts about our area. Contact us any time if we can be of assistance.