SDB Services to Businesses

The Stark development Board, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation engaged in economic development activities in Stark County. Our mission is to retain, expand and attract business investment in the area. SDB coordinates its services and activities with all the Chamber of Commerce in Stark County and all political subdivisions. Programs and services include the following.

Financial Assistance

Loan packaging and structuring for various federal, state and local funding sources. Designated as a Certified Development Company by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Assist companys with accessing other capital sources beyond own loan programs. Also administor the bond financing program for the Stark County Port Authority.

Government Relations

Project coordination assisting companies in working with governmental agencies and officials with business projects and in resolving issues that create barriers to business growth and expansion. Assist companies in accessing other public incentives, credits and benefits.

New Business Attraction

Market data and statistics on operating costs and wages to help analyze advantages of doing business in Stark County. Economic development incentives through possible tax and financial incentives to companies making a significant capital investment and creating jobs in Stark County.

Location Searches

Long-term economic planning through public/private sector officials and business leaders in helping to identify and fund long-term improvemnets to Stark County’s physical infrastructure.

Entrepreneurship Assistance

Coordinate the efforts of the Stark Entrepreneurship Alliance which supports entrepreneurs and small businessess with capital needs and business services.