About Stark Development Board

The Stark Development Board, Inc. is a private, non-profit business organization. It was formed by business and community leaders and is engaged in economic development activities in Stark County, Ohio. Its mission is to retain, expand and attract business interests in the area.

For the past 30 years, SDB has worked at the local, state and national level to retain, expand and attract business investment in Stark County. From 2012-2015, SDB helped create or retain 3,000 jobs, which accounted for $90 million in payroll. The agency also assisted businesses and organizations on projects that totaled more than $380 million in new capital investment. Some of our more visible efforts in the past few years include:

  • Led in the development of the Stark Entrepreneurship Alliance and assisted in the effort to create the Impact Angel Fund.
  • Led in the efforts to address infrastructure concerns for I-77 and the extension of U.S. Rt. 30.
  • Assisted the Stark County Port Authority in financing more than $34.8 million of bond financing to support the expansion of local companies and organizations.
  • Supported Akron-Canton Airport campaign directing travelers to southwest.com. Southwest Airlines subsequently added nonstop service between Akron-Canton and Washington, D.C.
  • Continued efforts to establish and promote Stark County as a leader in advanced energy development in fuel cells, wind energy and corrugated paper.

These are just a few of our successes. The reality is that almost all economic development activity occurring in Stark County has SDB’s fingerprints on it. For the past three decades, SDB has built a reputation at the local, regional, state and national level as the No. 1 advocate of Stark County businesses, easily adapting to roles as leader, team player or go-to organization in the pursuit of recognizing, creating and nurturing opportunities for economic growth. Now in its fourth decade, SDB will continue to:

  • Help existing businesses grow and expand by providing financing, site selection, talent attraction and recruitment support.
  • Attract more businesses to Stark County.
  • Position Stark County as the center for oil and gas shale development.
  • Focus on advanced technology projects.
  • Create focus on entrepreneurship development.

We invite you to look over our results, and we hope you will be impressed by what you see. No other organization provides the countywide economic development leadership provided by SDB.